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Serving the Industrial, Marine
and Fishing Industries.

MARCO Global has been proudly serving the Commercial Fishing, Industrial and Marine industries since 2005.

We are producers of quality, innovative, durable Fishing equipment used in Purse Seining, Longline and Pot Fishing, Hydraulic Pump Drives and Utility Powerblocks used in a number of industrial applications, and fish processing equipment.

As representatives of a number of the most widely used hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, filters, refrigeration components, steering equipment, engine parts, and electronics product lines we specialize in purchasing and exporting supplies worldwide at very competitive pricing.

MARCO Global is your single source supplier for fishing equipment, hydraulic components and drives and marine equipment.

We pride ourselves in gathering data in the field and analyzing all aspects of a system to make sure our customers get the maximum performance from our machinery.

One of the motion graphs used in the Marco presentation at PME 2014

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Read about our new PURSE KING DECK WINCHES.

Marco Purse King PKW20 Purse Seine Deck Winch.


We are working on exciting new equipment for BLACK COD LONGLINE POT FISHING. Call us or drop by to talk about your requirements. These are interesting times.

Back in November at Pacific Marine Expo, National Fisherman filmed Dick Boehm in our booth, telling the story of our Purse King Family of deck winches.