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Purse King Seine Deck Winches

Table emphasizing maximum line pull.

Line Speed / General Line Pull Comparison Chart for the Purse King Family
Based on: 40 GPM Circuit, and 2,000 PSI.

Please note that the PKW20 figures are based upon 100 GPM COMBINED, (50 GPM to EACH MOTOR).

This chart is very general and is designed to help you choose the Purse King Line Hauler or Deck winch most suitable to your vessel and your application. Please note that vessel hydraulic systems vary and we can equip these haulers with different motors to provide different results.

See the catalog sheets for more specifications, and please call Marco if you would like to discuss options on these haulers. We're here to help!

Hydraulic Supply 40 GPM, 2,000 PSI 100 GPM COMBINED
2,000 PSI
Winch Model Marco PLH17 Bolt on Top Purse Line Hauler
PLH17 Bolt on Top
Marco PKW15 Deck Winch
PKW15 Deck Winch
Marco PKW17 Deck Winch
PKW17 Deck Winch

Marco PKW20 Deck Winch
PKW20 Deck Winch
Motor Size (Cubic Inch Displacement) 40 CID 30 CID 40 CID 40 CID (x2)
Line Pull 4,000 lbs 5,000 lbs 8,000 lbs 12,000 lbs
Line Speed 336 Feet Per Minute 186 Feet Per Minute 182 Feet Per Minute 283 Feet Per Minute *
Ratings based on readings taken during actual purse seining operations.
Applications / Features Direct drive provides very FAST pursing, so our PLH17 is great for salmon seining. Keep your exisiting winch and bolt this on top. You can see in the video that this winch is quick to load and has great traction. It has enough line pull to work a deep Puget Sound net. Smallest of the Deck Winches, the PKW15 can provide a bit more line pull than the Bolt on Top. This winch works very well in most salmon seining operations. Great line pull and traction for heavy nets. A successful roundhaul winch, designed for herring, squid and sardines. The PKW20 can provide the greatest line pull for large sets.
Suitable for: Salmon - Alaska and Puget Sound Salmon - smaller boats, Kodiak and Chignik Salmon - all areas Fast, heavy roundhaul fisheries like Herring, Squid and Sardines
Catalog Sheet Catalog Sheet
Catalog Sheet Catalog Sheet Catalog Sheet

The Purse King Deck Winches and Line Hauler feature a unique dual sheave design which eliminates slippage when pursing.

The line wraps first around the inside sheave, then comes around the outer sheave for a second wrap which takes the slack and maintains traction on the line in the inside sheave.

The extra traction provided by the outer sheave allows the operator to stop and reverse the winch to pay out line under tension.

The dual sheave design also allows splices, knots and even links to pass through the sheaves safely without slippage.

For further safety the Deck Winches feature an E-STOP emergency shut off switch on the top horn.

The back side of the winch features a capstan.

The Purse King family of winches are available with several motor options. Your performance will depend upon the hydraulic flow and pressures your boat can provide.

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